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The Story of Savan Coffee Bean

Coffee is not just coffee. Coffee is an enriching experience for all to enjoy.

Savan Coffee Bean began in the lush, green farmlands of Paksong, Laos. Our beans have grown up in a volcanic zone, as high as 1300m above sea level, infusing them with an organic richness. Generations of the family have been planting coffee beans since 1994. To this day, family members in Laos ship the raw coffee beans to Winnipeg, where they are then roasted, packaged, and sold by the other family members in Manitoba. Customers who have experienced abdominal discomfort or jitteriness from coffee have noticed a profound difference in the quality and flavour of our beans. Savan Coffee Bean is known for its 100% organic, Arabica coffee beans with its own natural flavour and aroma without the use of additional flavours. 


We hope our coffee will inspire others to find the joy and tranquility a nice cup of coffee can bring to their lives.

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